Download Iron Saga – Battle Mecha for Windows or Mac (Emulator)

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Download Iron Saga – Battle Mecha for Windows or Mac (Emulator)

Download Iron Saga – Battle Mecha for Windows or Mac (Emulator)

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Download Iron Saga – Battle Mecha for Windows or Mac (Emulator)

ACE commanders, assemble! 500+ Mecha and Pilots, 100,000 possible formations! Diverse game modes, smooth battle experiences and dazzling skills that will mesmerize you without fail! Let your blood boil with passion and experience the non-stop fun! Treat yourself to gameplay like never before in Iron Saga!— PROLOGUE

The world was once engulfed in a sea of flames caused by twelve battle mecha, later called the ‘Grand Gods’.

Fast forward centuries, and the war is but a legend forgotten by time – it is a memory that humanity can barely recall. But then, the emergence of “Battle Mechs” suddenly jolts the entire world awake. Forces of all manner and kind conspire in the shadows, all eager to lay their hands on this world-destroying technology – and they will rekindle the fires of war among the world’s armies, mercenaries and bounty hunters to get it.

Meanwhile, ACE pilots from all over the world are scrambling to assemble. The legend of the Battle Mecha begins now!— UNIQUE CONTROLS: YOUR SKILL MATTERS

Maneuver your mecha in real-time with our unique real-time battle system. Control the outcome of the battle at your fingertips! From micro controls to all-out guns blazing, from dodging lethal hits to striking an enemy’s weakness at the right time – every single command counts on the ever-changing battlefield.— OVER 100,000+ POSSIBLE MECHA & PILOT COMBINATIONS

Customize your own teams from over 500+ Mecha and pilots. Pick from amazing humanoid Mecha and gorgeously-drawn pilots for a battle setup that is yours and yours alone!— MULTIPLE GAME MODES, FRANTIC CORPS CONFLICTS

Completed story mode? Check out the Arena, Combat Simulation, Rocket Pack, Amazing Race, Card Games, Corps Conflicts and much more! Keep your blasters locked and loaded for non-stop firefights!— 100+ EPIC PILOTS WITH DIVERSE SKINS

Get to know the 100+ Pilots, all unique in personality and dressed to kill. Our unique BGM system ensures an audio-visual feast when you change pilot skins!— PERFECT PRODUCTION TEAM, ICONIC OST & GRAPHICS

100+ distinguished artists and legendary composers bring to you a flurry of artistic perfection for your eyes and ears!Bursting with love for Iron Saga? Don’t hesitate to follow us!

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Discord: would love to hear from you! Contact us at [email protected] Duchy

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How to Download and Play Iron Saga – Battle Mecha On Windows or Mac?

  • Download LDPlayer, a free Android emulator to play Mobile games&Apps on PC
  • Complete the installation of LDPlayer on your desktop
  • Launch LDPlayer and search Iron Saga – Battle Mecha on the search bar
  • Install the game from LD Store (Or Google Play)
  • Once installation completes, click the game icon to start the game
  • Enjoy playing Iron Saga – Battle Mecha on your PC with LDPlayer