Download RAID: Shadow Legends for Windows or Mac (Emulator)

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Download RAID: Shadow Legends for Windows or Mac (Emulator)

Download RAID: Shadow Legends for Windows or Mac (Emulator)

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Download RAID: Shadow Legends for Windows or Mac (Emulator)

Raid: Shadow Legends is available now on PC. RAID: Shadow Legends on PC has the same basic gameplay as the Android version, but with lots of additional graphics and control customizations to make the game easier. The world of Teleria is in danger and there is only one way to save it: by recruiting the most legendary warriors. Both from light and darkness. This time, things can’t be divided into two parts. The warriors must band together and reunite if they want to save their home.Train your champions to fight alongside, equip them with powerful weapons and embark on epic raids against your enemies. The only path is to fight your way up and locate victory at the end.



Thinking of building up your game and start developing more amazing gaming skills, then you should get yourself acquainted with the proper tools to help you achieve that. Download Raid: Shadow Legends on Windows 7, 8, 10 with LDPlayer and start trusting the amazing features that only the fastest and most powerful gaming engine can offer. After all, you are trying to become a legend, not just a hero. This means that every assistance counts, including your PC, with a bigger screen, a much more stable internet connection and the mouse & keyboard, to help you take full control of your actions.Play RAID: Shadow Legends on PC and Mac with LDPlayer and find incredibly amazing characters from 16 different factions to play with. Create strategies so you can work out their game together and crush your opponents in the Arena. Defeat dozens of powerful bosses and even kill dragons in your way. 



To play Raid: Shadow Legends on a PC with LDPlayer, here are the minimum system requirements:

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
Processor: Intel and AMD 
RAM: at least 4 GB 
HDD: 5 GB of free disk space 
Up-to-date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset supplier.

For a much better gaming experience, here are the recommended configurations:

Operating system: Windows 10 
CPU: Intel Core i5 with virtualization extension enabled in the BIOS
Graphics card: Intel/Nvidia/ATI
RAM: 6 GB or more
HDD: SSD (or fusion)
Up-to-date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset supplier.



Q: What is the best starting character in raid shadow legends?

A: Overall, the best champion long-term is Elhain, but Kael comes in a close second and might be preferred by some players. Galek is a monster in terms of damage and farming campaign stages during the early game, so he is definitely more fun to play right off the bat.


Q: What are the affinities in raid shadow legends?

A: There are four types of Affinities in Raid: Shadow Legends, and you’ll need to understand them all in order to succeed. Three Affinities exist in balance with one another, while the fourth offers no particular advantages or disadvantages against the others. Magic (Blue): Beats Spirit (Green), weak to Force (Red).


Q: Can I play Raid: Shadow Legends on PC?

A: Yes. The PC version includes a complete graphic overhaul, along with cross-platform compatibility with the Android and iOS mobile versions. PC players registering an existing mobile Raid account can sync all gameplay progress.


Q: Who is the best character in raid shadow legends?

A: Best Legendary Champions

Zargala (Orcs) [Attack]
Nazana (Demonspawn) [HP]
Gorgorab (Undead Hordes) [Support]
Apothecary (High Elves) [Support]
Galek (Orcs) [Attack]
Diabolist (Demonspawn) [Support]
Guardian (Knight Revenant) [HP]
Kael (Dark Elves) [Attack]


Q: What are the rarest champions to keep?

A: They are:




Raid: Shadow Legends is a free-to-play 3D fantasy turn-based RPG for iOS and Android platforms. Much of the game revolves around collecting gacha and character customization with over 300 distinct characters to collect from 16 different factions. Match characters to the perfect party, upgrade their equipment, unlock masteries, and upgrade their skills to take on challening PvE and PvP content.Raid: Shadow Legends Key Features:

Tactical Gameplay: Fight in turn-based RPG combat with a selected team, unleashing powerful skills at the perfect moment for maximum damage.
Detailed 3D Graphics: Enter a world that features stunning 3D graphics with a variety of unique characters, including elves, dwarves, lizardmen, undead, and more.
Variety of Characters: Collect over 300 unique heroes from 16 different factions, including High Elves, Barbarians, Skinwalkers, Demonspawn, and more.
PvP Arena: Join the PvP Arena to challenge your party against another player’s AI-controlled party and gain awesome gear rewards.
Join a Clan: Join thousands of fellow players to participate in clan-specific cooperative challenges to slay demons and earn awesome rewards.

How to Download and Play RAID: Shadow Legends On Windows or Mac?

  • Download LDPlayer, a free Android emulator to play Mobile games&Apps on PC
  • Complete the installation of LDPlayer on your desktop
  • Launch LDPlayer and search RAID: Shadow Legends on the search bar
  • Install the game from LD Store (Or Google Play)
  • Once installation completes, click the game icon to start the game
  • Enjoy playing RAID: Shadow Legends on your PC with LDPlayer