Download Spin Arena for Windows or Mac (Emulator)

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Download Spin Arena for Windows or Mac (Emulator)

Download Spin Arena for Windows or Mac (Emulator)

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Download Spin Arena for Windows or Mac (Emulator)

Game Introduction
Grab your Beyblade and LET IT RIP! Who will become the king of the Beyblade?

Spin Arena is the ultimate Beyblade Burst & Role-playing mobile game developed by the original team of Light x Shadow. Choose exquisite loyal Avatars and follow them on their quest to become a Master as they enter BEYBLADE BURST tournaments, use rare and powerful Beyblades, unleash epic Beyblade skills like Rush Launch, Counter Break, Quake Launch and more!

Each player is allowed up to three Beyblades to choose from during a match. A survivor finish is where one top has stopped spinning and the other top continues to spin.

Shock debut of powerful Beyblade skills that provide a decisive edge for the ultimate battle, use strategy to defeat your opponents and strive for Survival Mode.

Type restraint, parts combinations, launcher assembly… Create an authentic experience of spinning top battles! Championship, Survival mode, Random Adventure Maps… More gameplay awaits your discovery.


Spinning Top Battles
Inspired by childhood classic toy, relive the experience of the childhood Spinning Top battles on the mobile phone. Experience the realistic physics simulation that ensures excitement. Collect, level up and battle head-to-head with your favorite Beyblades & Avatars.

Parts Combination
Free combinations from over 100 Beyblade parts–Battle Cap, Weight Ring and Driver. Unique parts, different combinations, different winning strategies.
Assemble your arsenal of rare Beyblades, activate your devoted Avatars, and battle with them in the Beystadium!

Super Championship
Competing with similar strength opponents in the same championship group, Choose Beyblades that restrict opponents. Achieving better rankings and work hard for the world champion!

81 Players Survival Mode
Survival Mode matches 81 players online simultaneously, then you will have multiple rounds of 1v1v1 battles. Choose the strongest Beyblades, switch it between rounds to perfect your strategy! Remember, the winner is the one who spins to the end!

Fast and Lite gameplay
Simple controls and fast-paced combat within 30 seconds. Start battle anytime, anywhere!

Random Adventure
Start your adventure in ancient kingdoms of this land, and overcome the unknown challenges with your wit and will!

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How to Download and Play Spin Arena On Windows or Mac?

  • Download LDPlayer, a free Android emulator to play Mobile games&Apps on PC
  • Complete the installation of LDPlayer on your desktop
  • Launch LDPlayer and search Spin Arena on the search bar
  • Install the game from LD Store (Or Google Play)
  • Once installation completes, click the game icon to start the game
  • Enjoy playing Spin Arena on your PC with LDPlayer